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Direktor des IfTW –  Peter Töpfer – aka Peter Post

PT-Banner mit Dovid Weiss

Mit Lady Michèle Renouf und Dovid Weiss auf der Holocaust-Konferenz 2006 in Teheran

When I was a child

When I was a child
And I learned to tie
The laces of my shoes
The technique that I used
Was the one with two bows
In our head there were holes
When we got wounded at the heater
In the garden it was sweeter
We made daisy chains
Or just smelled the ground
We danced in the rain
Or splashed around

The rain flooded the drain
So the rats came out
My daddy with a spade
He struck them down
He played in the basement
The dreadful wraith and
Gave us a fright
Just to have a good time
Tents we built
Out of tables and quilt
I just can’t describe
The feeling there inside

When I was a child
We waited all night
For the hedgehog with milk
And caressed him like silk
My girlfriend she was cute
We played parachute
With the seeds of dandelions
We puffed away millions
They landed in the sand
At the feet of my friend
She baked me mud pies
And was always very nice

I never could see
That D comes before E
The S had unjustly
Its turn before T
Well IKL
Made me think of Kim la Belle
The B after the ace
Wasn’t worth the second place
The number of blue
Was 1 and red was 2
Yellow stood for five
And seven for white

When I was a boy
I was beaming with joy
The sweets I couldn’t keep
But leeks made me weep
I dunked like my old
Grandma salted rolls
In hot sweet coffee
So it tasted like honey
Susan was wild
I took her for a ride
By her pony tail
It made me feel male

Out of every text
Jumped to me the X
It reminded me of sex
Then I got on its tracks
I’d construct a soap-box
And dreamed of a little job
I got meself clean
Pretty and dressed up
But I always had to see
That I really messed up
A constant agony from which
I just couldn’t rest up


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