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Direktor Institut für Tiefenwahrheit Peter Töpfer aka Peter Post



born 27th January 1961 in Leipzig =>

1970 - 1977 competitive athlete swimming, 1976 4th place European Junior Championship 100 m backstroke, Champion of East Germany senior in 4 x 100 m medley relay with national record (team SC DHfK Leipzig) =>
during competions in western Europe contacts with Maoist parties, 1977 olympic training group (club SC Dynamo Berlin, coach: Norbert Warnatzsch), end of sport career

1977 founding of the Communist Party of Germany / Marxist-Leninist, Section East Germany (KPD/ML DDR); labourer; began intensive studies of Wilhelm Reich and, later, Arthur Janov; studies of German and world literature =>

1978 co-founder of the Neo-Dadaist World Movement; chairman of humanity and president of the universe =>

1980 - 1986 Paris: German teacher, babysitter, model, swimming instructor, singer and guitarist with The Powers That Be

1984 -     psychotherapy conducted by a disciple of Roger Gentis, 1984 Primal Therapy at Institut pour le Developement et l’Integration de la Personne (INDIP), Paris 10e, director: Claude Allais, 1985 at  European Primal Institut, Avenue Foche, Paris 16e, director: Arthur Janov, therapy ever since with Janov disciple

1985 - 1988 music production Studio Rue Cler Paris / Bambino Studio West Berlin =>
first prophecy: fall of Berlin Wall and re-unification of Germany

1989 drummer with Los Armos

1989 - 1991 commando john reed: reporting revolutionairy events in East Germany and Romania for TV networks: Monday Demonstrations in Leipzig; storm of Stasi head office with camera in Leipzig; first civilian (since 1953) on top of Brandenburg Gate and filming the opening of the Berlin wall from above =>;
Martin S. Möller co-founder and co-editor of Der Montag. The journalistic accompaniment auf the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig =>
co-founder of the PWD – Party for the Re-Unification of Germany

1995 - 1997 with Andreas Röhler co-founder and co-editor of Sleipnir. Journal for Culture, History and Politics and publishing house Verlag der Freunde (VdF), published among other works Reinhold Oberlercher, “Lehre vom Gemeinwesen”, and Serge Thion, “Historische Wahrheit oder Politische Wahrheit? Die Macht der Medien. Der Fall Faurisson” (“Historical Truth or Political Truth? The Power of the Media. The Case of Robert Faurisson”);
in 1997 appearance in a report of the “protection of the constitution” (secret service), reason: “The importance of Sleipnir is the open debate that it facilitates.” (sic!)
since 1997 free-lance journalist at Sleipnir/VdF;
in 2000 notification of penalty by Berlin Court against Sleipnir editor for "factual choice of words" (sic!);
translator, among other works: Roger Garaudy: “The Founding Myths of the Israeli Policies”, and Serge Thion / Pierre Guillaume: “Revisionism from the ultra-left – the Avantgarde of Anti-Imperialism”), Gilad Atzmon

1987 - 1999 taxi driver, prohibition to practice this profession =>

1999 -     National-Anarchism

2001 - 2002 “transversal front” (beyond left and right) => collaboration with Karl Nagel

2004 Committee "Freedom for Horst Mahler!”: failure: Mahler goes to prison on Nov. 15, 2006;
founding of publishing house
eigner verlag

2005 formed with Constantin von Hoffmeister artist group Neue Deutsche Literatur (NDL) =>

2006 Participation at the conference on the Holocaust, 11-12 décembre 2006 in Tehran => and =>
Further developped Reich and Janov theoretically: “The Truth - telling it and living it”, and practically:
Wahrsagerei. Conclusion of the triad R-J-T.

2010 -   Musical and artistic projects as Peter Post: Official  translator/adaptor of Bob Dylan songs =>, new music drama genre: Post Passions =>

2015 -   author for compact magazin =>

2017 Establishment of Institut für Tiefenwahrheit (Institute for Deep Truthing)


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Ernst Nolte, Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf and others

- nationale Anarchie
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- Den Westen retten! (Save the West!)
- Die Wahrheit - sie sagen und in ihr leben
  (“The Truth - telling it and living it”)
- To come: Die Vaterschaftslüge -
  matriarchaler Maskulismus (The
  Fatherhood Lie. Matriarcal Masculism)

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Serge Thion, Pierre Guillaume, Roger Garaudy, Robert  Faurisson, Jean Raspail, Gilad Atzmon and others


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